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“Never before have I felt more centered and at peace both mentally and physically than when I am in Jenny’s class. She is by far the most graceful, informative, and experienced Pilates teacher that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her class has become a haven for me, and I highly recommend it to every single person out there.”

– Torrey Devitto from One Tree Hill

Pilates with Jenny McGaha has literally saved my life! After struggling
with 5 bouts of lymphoma in the past 8 years, I thought abundant, joyful, playful life was over for me. One year ago, I could not even get up and down off of the floor. My muscles were atrophied from a year in bed and another year in agony. I had not been able to exercise in years and had never done Pilates.

Seven months ago Pilates with Jenny seemed like a distant dream… “point your toes, flex your feet, lets do 100 beats :)” What a joke, I had trouble just breathing in and out on command. But Jenny is gentle, talented, patient and every person in the class moves at their individual pace.

Today, at age 62 with tears streaming down my face as I write this, I say, “I can do it all!!!” Well almost, ha ha. I love the people in my class,
I love Jenny, I love how I feel and I LOVE Pilates. It has changed my

– Camille Yorkey

“I was apprehensive about taking Pilates, first because previously I was not involved in any type of regular exercise class and second because I had never had any experience with Pilates itself. One of my co-workers talked me into signing up and I am thankful that I did. While that first class was an interesting experience, I have now been taking Pilates with Jenny for almost a year. Jenny has a seemingly endless well of patience and encouragement as she takes you through each class, explaining not only the mechanics of the movements, but the mind-body connection that is just as important. She makes each class motivating and gives each person the individual attention you would never get in a gym setting. It is easy to tell that she loves Pilates and that translates into the way she teaches her classes. Pilates has become not just a source of physical exercise, but to me, it gives you an all over feeling of well being.”

– Heather Padgett

“I have been working with Jenny for a little over a year. I first joined body aligned pilates because I was getting frustrated with my lack of personal results. I also had little motivation to work out on my own and carried my work stress. Today, I have so much more energy, focus, and confidence. Aside from the several inner positive changes, I have easily decreased my waistline 3″ so my clothes fit nicely, my overall core is so much stronger and I no longer have the feelings of a pinched nerves and back pain that I once carried day to day. I definitely recommend Jenny to anyone looking for a little assistance. It is also very beneficial to have an experienced instructor who ensures proper techniques for better results, who was patient and willing to work specifically on the my weaker areas; flexibility, core strength, and posture. Thanks Jenny!”

– Jon Spetrino